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» Naples

Neapolis with thousand faces is a constant discovery for those who desire to explore it : the Greco-roman Naples from the historical center, divided between the main arteries called “Decumany” and the cross streets said “Cardini”, has kept its structure as it was, but also carries the artistic marks of the eras that followed; noble and sumptuous Naples of the Piazza Plebiscito with the Royal Palace and the theatre San Carlo, the mysterious Castel dell’Ovo and the seaside of Mergellina. Magnificent and stupefying Naples with the Castel of Sant’Elmo, the Maschio Angioino and the Museum of Capodimonte. Naples is a reality far from ordinary, to live with all senses : arts, music, shows, praised cuisine, hidden spots, it’s a perfect destination for those who are looking for a new momentum and new sensations.

» Ischia

The island of Ischia is the ultimate European thermal capital. Known for the quality of its water, it has 29 thermal basins and 103 thermal springs, and is the largest island on the Gulf of Naples. With visitors all over the year, thanks to its particularly mild climate, it is one of the most popular destinations in the international tourism and part of the main interesting sites for historical and archaeological reasons. Other than the thermal baths, the pride and joy of the island is the variety of its natural heritage : its coasts and inlets with turquoise water are earthly paradise, where the sea water and the warm one from the mineral springs merge. The landscapes catch the eyes, between valleys and hills, reefs and beaches, forests and mountains : all this is the reason it was deservedly given the nickname of Green Island.

» Capri

Forever considered the island of luxury and artists, its roads have been roamed by numerous actors, singers, poets and filmmakers. Privileged through a mild climate, the isle of Capri is divided into two municipalities : Anacapri and Capri, which together offer a vast variety of breathtaking natural landscapes, such as the famous Blue Grotto, the well-known Faraglioni rocks and the popular main square Piazzetta. Capri, so small and so full of life, is a perfect mix for holidays between liveliness and nature.

» Procida

The island of Procida is one of the smallest in the Gulf of Naples and became from the beginning of the 19th century an important hub for the navigation. Head of numerous shipyards and with the best maritime colleges, it is nowadays still mostly inhabited by marines and fishermen. The tourists spending holidays in Procida will be able to admire unforgettable panoramas, the beach of Chiaia, the village of Corricella and the coastline of Chiaiolella, as many examples of the pure and authentic beauty of the nature on the island. Everything to spend the perfect holidays with nature and relaxation, discovering ancient villages and stories hidden between the walls and the sea.

» Ventotene

From afar, the island looks like the shape of a whale, surrounded by the sea and spotted with the subtle colors of the small houses. The smallest out of the Pontines islands, just 3 km long, is the obvious witness of an absolute and almost millenary history, started when Ulysses heard along the reefs the famous siren song. Its lands and fruits are absolutely to be discovered. Its winters are silent and its springs exploding with colors and scents. The sea is an omnipresent character during summer, from every direction, and whose seabed is the most beautiful of the Mediterranean sea. The gap between summer and winter is ensured through the most beautiful celebration, the Santa Candida Day, patron saint of the isle.